Monday, May 24, 2010

The OFF Seaon with BEACHBODY

So right after Nationals, I had it in my head that I was going to try and maintain as close as possible my race weigh. Now when one isn't racing it is very hard to do, but it was my goal that I needed to set to get me through the holidays and wintry weather.  Along with this goal, I had seen for like the 100th time(I am sure most of you have seen it) the infomercial for P90X . Thinking that p90x was mainly for guys, I checked out the website Beachbody that sold p90x and decided to do Charlene Extreme . This is also a 90day muscle building program.  I told a few people what I had ordered(they were laughing and as skeptical as myself) and wanted to actually see what this program could for my already in shape self. I figured since I hate lifting weights and this will make me do it, which couldn't hurt.

Dec. 23 I started but didn't take any pictures(I am kind of mad at myself for not). By day 30 I was seeing some results and was only off my race weight by a pound. I also noticed my running pace picking up significantly due to the plyometrics portion of the training. By day 60 I was in awe of my nicely shaped shoulders and arms that I decided to order and start p90x . So around day 70 I was now switching to p90x. 

For this I took pictures..Day 1- 75 are below. Can't figure out how to align these. I am on Day 85 today so Day 90 pictures to come. This really works but it definitely has been a challenge with my bike training. Thank goodness my Coach, Brian Conant, has done part of p90x so he has been taking it easy on me so I can finish this round strong.

Day 1
 Not the greatest shots since I couldn't figure out how to get the flash off the camera.

 DAY 15 & DAY 20

 DAY 30 
      DAY 60 (next 2)                                                                        
DAY 75 (these 3)                                                           
All of a sudden my abs really popped out!

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  1. Holy shit. My arms look like pencil sticks compared to yours. That's it, I'm doing P90X next winter.