Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 90 + 1st MTB Race = May 30

Wow I just realized that my day 90 of p90x is the same as my first mountain bike race of the season, WORS Big Ring Classic.  Hopefully I can BRING IT like I have been with p90x! I'm a bit worried since it is very early in my bike training and the p90x hasn't been the greatest at giving me speed, in fact it has slowed me down a bit so my body could build all the lean muscle.(that's what all the forums say and I really believe it)

I have been extremely overwhelmed the last few weeks of p90x because my bike training has stepped up a bit. Combine 1:30 to 2hrs of interval training on the bike and then another 1:15 of p90x, plus work; I barely have time to do normal chores of life.  When I have a rest day from the bike, I have a workout for p90x, and when I have a rest day for p90x, I have a workout for the bike. Needless to say, I haven't had a day of doing absolutely nothing since I started in March. I miss that....

Well there will be no excuses on Sunday from me.  I've had a lot of people say to use it as a training race to see where I am at but unfortunately I will be my competitive self, as there is no off button for that in my body. A race is a race, there is no training ride during a race. You do that before and after a race.  Will post Day 90 pics and race report next week. Wish me luck!

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