Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Race, No 90 day Picture

Last minute on Sat. I decided not to race and instead enjoy time with my family. I also forgot to take pictures on day 90. So no race results or write up and no 90 day pictures like I promised.

Sat. morning I did my leg opener thinking I was still racing and later in the day hit Kettle with Tom. I got back and made dinner with Kevin and watched the Blackhawks win game 1! On Sunday Kevin, Tom, Mark and I rode Kettle. At Emma I ran into Jason. That was fun hanging on his wheel back to the lot. Then I  went out for one last orange loop with Kevin. Kevin was delighted that I was trying to see how fast I could go into the corners and had a good chuckle when I washed out on one of them. I really love the orange loop climb. They did an excellent job with it.

Mark and Tom came back to our house for some food and adult drinks. It was a beautiful bug free evening.  On Monday we got up early so we could get things done before heading back to Chicago. I rode at Kettle while Kevin hit the road for a training ride. I then planted cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers in my little garden on the deck. I still am looking for strawberry plants to test out my topsy turvy garden.  We left the WI house around 2 thinking there might be some traffic but got really lucky and were in Chicago a little before 4. This gave us enough time to get settled and caught up before the Blackhawks game. The Blackhawks won which was a great way to end the long weekend.

Now I am officially done with p90x and completely devoted to my bike training. I am feeling a little at a loss not having the schedule of the p90x and a slight fear that everything I worked for will disappear quickly. I probably will try to do some maintenance stuff as soon as school is out. June 18th is the magic day!